The Structure of Matthew 5:9, Peacemaker Adoration

And its Connection with the שִׁ֥יר הַֽמַּעֲלֹ֗ות


  • Juan Bosco Vanega Flores 5713372244

Palabras clave:

Peacemaker, Matthew, The Beatitud, shalom, peace, adoration


Matthew 5:9 is present in the middle of the three groups. Also, the text itself gives a structure that I named action andreaction, and this paper is focused on the first part: action. The Greek texts say: “μακάριοι οἱ εἰρηνοποιοί ὅτι υἱοὶ θεοῦ κληθήσονται.”[1] Thus, there are two sentences which are linked with the conjunction ὅτι


[1] Nestle et Aland, Novvm Testamentvm. Textus Secundum III. (Editionem UBS, omnio cum XXVI. Et XXVII. Editionibus Novi Testamenti Graece), 6.